Leaked slides show AMD timeline

Two slides have tipped up on the world wide wibble which claim to show AMD’s timeline for the release of upcoming CPUs and Accelerated Processing Units which are CPU/GPU hybrids.

The slides have been seen on the German language website the ATI-Forum . It claims that it got them from a ‘business-related source.’

If the information on the slides is right it means that the AM3+ compatible 4, 6 and 8 core CPUs based on the Bulldozer architecture and all featuring Turbo Core will be out by the middle of next year. The slides show that the eight core version will come in 95W and 125W TDP flavours.

On the Fusion APUs the slide shows off a new socket – FM1. This was expected given that the silicon features both CPU and GPU and keeping AM3+ compatibility was unlikely.

This slide proves the rumour that Fusion has been delayed until the second part of 2011.