Leak reveals Nvidia working on dual-GPU 3GB GTX 595

Nvidia may be working on a dual-GPU graphics card with as much as 3GB of RAM, according to leaked information about the upcoming GTX 595.

An image of the new card was leaked on the web recently, along with the rumoured specifications, and it looks like Nvidia fans will be in for a treat.

According to the leak, the GTX 595  will utilise a pair of GF110 GPUs linked by an NF200 bridge chip.

It is also expected to have 3GB of RAM, or 1.5GB per GPU, which, if the card makes full use of the added memory, could mean one of the smoothest and fastest experiences in gaming and graphics-intensive industries.

The card should also have three DVI-D ports. Dual 8-pin PCIe power-connectors suggest high power usage.

It should also support 3D Vision Surround and DirectX11.

Some rumours suggest that the card may employ the inferior GF114 GPUs rather than the GF110, but since none of this has been confirmed or denied by Nvidia we will have to wait, see, and pray.

What is clear is that if these reports are true, then Nvidia is set to launch one of its fastest, most powerful cards to date.

GTX 595