Laptop vendors will hold back on Intel's Huron River

Major notebook manufacturers including Acer and Dell plan to continue pushing Calpella-based laptops despite the impending launch of Huron River.

Other first-tier brands including Asustek and Hewlett-Packard will also seek to promote the sale of the Calpella processors in notebook products for the next three months as Intel is believed to be reducing discounts for Huron River components.

Sources close to Digitimes have noted that inventory levels for Calpella remain high which means that channel sales are not performing as well as they should be in order to make way for the new Sandy Bridge-based architecture.

The product, which uses the 32nm process, will be launched at CES in January, perhaps to less fanfare – as far as mobile chips are concerned anyway – if the major players are still essentially pushing the old 45nm stock.

Of course it is not a great time for Intel to be faltering in the preparation vaunted Sandy Bridge platform, particularly as AMD is breathing down the firms’ neck with the upcoming release of its own Fusion chips in the beginning of next year.

According to sources it is believed that shipments for Huron River based notebooks are expected to stay low until at least February, which means that Intel will be cutting it fine with having available products in the shops.

However such disruption to scheduling by Intel means that many consumers will be unlikely to want to snap up Calpella-based products with new processors on the way.   

It is noted by sources that there is concern for demand for models running on Calpella over the next three months, which is expected to have a knock on effect on upstream component suppliers.  It is also thought that notebook manufacturers may have shipments affected over the next two months.