Lack of leadership leaving GlobalFoundries in a mess

According to anonymous murmurs in the chip industry, the situation for GlobalFoundries continues to look grim with rumours of discontent among disparate staff, with poor leadership affecting chip production.

GloFo has been having big trouble at 32nm and 28nm production with both using problematic gate first processing. This is being compounded by a split in production between two processes, an old AMD one and an IBM one, which has left a can of worms open on the table.

Trying to debug two processes is causing serious headaches, and a lack of cooperation between Dresden and the US bases is throwing the company even deeper into the mire.

It looks like it could be a few years before AMD’s production arm spinoff is truly counted among the major players in the industry.

A sore lack of cohesion is being blamed on a lack of quality leadership which could get the firm powering forward.

With some quality chips at its disposal this is likely to affect AMD too. Bulldozer is a good chip with plenty of raw performance, while Fusion should be dominating at low power applications, but production problems have ruined competitiveness.

Rumours persist that AMD will totally walk from GlobalFoundries.