Knights Corner out sooner than expected

Chipzilla has told the International Supercomputing Conference that its Knights Corner will be in the shops by Christmas.

Knights Corner is Intel’s first commercial MIC product and is a descendent of the processor formerly known as” that failed GPU larrabee”.

Larrabee will half not bee and will get a new brand name Xeon Phi. So, to paraphrase Monty Python “lardie dum Phi Phi Phi Xeon is a Larrabee.”

Be that as it may, Intel Knight’s corner is based on the efficient Xeon E5 architecture, which is an eight-core Sandy Bridge on 32nm which provides the juice for a basic x86 cluster. The Many Integrated Core CPUs that grew out of the failed Larrabee GPU look offer unparalleled performance scaling and break new ground.

Intel said that the Xeon Phi will deliver an estimated 800GFlops of double-precision floating point performance.

Knights corner’s 50 cores are powered by more than 8GB of onboard RAM. It is not clear yet if there will be multiple SKUs with different RAM counts.

So far the rival Nvidia’s top-end Tesla board, the M2090, maxed out at 665 GFlops of double-precision performance and 6GB of RAM.

Its K10 GPU, which is based on Kepler, has 8GB of RAM but can only manage 190GFlops of double-precision floating point when it is going downhill and the wind is behind it.