Kingston Technology thinks we need our Rams well watered

Memory maker Kingston Technology has decided that RAM works better if you pour cold water on it.

This struck me as a bit odd because when I grew up on a farm and it rained, all it did was make Rams a bit more smelly or so heavy that they were unable to get up until they had dried off.

Kingston is certain that its first water-cooled DDR3 memory kit for PCs will make everything more reliable. The press release did not mention a smell of wet wool.

Kingston’s new HyperX H2O water-cooled DDR3 line features has two 4GB dual-channel kits with 2000MHz and 2133MHz frequencies and a 6GB triple-channel kit running at 2000MHz.

The kits have a starting price of $157 for 4GB modules and move up to $235 for a 6GB kit.

Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager for Kingston, said the good part about water-cooling is that it is quiet and reliable. Water-cooled DRAM runs consistently 10 degrees to 14 degrees cooler than air-cooled modules.

It is also a good mixer.

As you would expect water-cooled RAM is being targeted at the high-end “extreme” PC enthusiasts who enjoy building their own systems.

Tekunoff said that some people just like the look of water cooled memory. But then again some people think Coldplay are a good band.

Kingston also announced it has changed the name of its original HyperX DDR3 module to “Genesis.” We assume that is a biblical reference to the Elohim moving its face upon the waters and creating heaven and earth, rather than a band formed by Peter Gabriel.

There is a Genesis air-cooled module, its entry-level Blu DDR3 line and the LoVo, low-voltage memory board.