Javelin spears $4 million for mobile chip

Texas start-up outfit Javelin Semiconductor has had a whip round of capital investment firms and raised $4 million to start production of its mobile phone chips.

The outfit has an advanced mobile phone amplifier chip and already one mobile phone manufacturer wants it.

According to CEO Brad Fluke, investors are jolly interested in the outfit’s technology. So far investors have coughed up $16.5 million to get the chip onto the market.

The chip is being pushed to improve performance in a phone’s signal for a lower cost and less power consumption. The signal passes through an amplifier which boosts the outgoing signal so that it can reach the nearest transmission tower without breaking up.

Fluke said that this investment is enough to move into the production phase and get well into revenue by the end of this year.

Javelin is focusing initial sales efforts in Asia, where more than one-half of the world’s mobile handsets are designed and manufactured, the outfit said.

According to the Statesman  the first chip covers one of four potential frequency bands used by 3G cellphones. The company is developing other chips to cover other frequency bands.

If mobile makers are pleased with their laboratory tests of the product and plan to use the first chip in mobile phones that will begin shipping this summer.