Ivy Bridge to launch April 29th

Ivy Bridge’s launch dates have been discussed ad nauseum, and will continue to be, we guess, until the day it launches. But some clever hacks with access to system integrators’ own Intel slideware, will tell you what’s going on and when it’s taking place.

Turkish tech site Donanim Haber, has published a single Intel slide that gives credit to the most optimistic of predictions: Intel will in fact be launching Ivy Bridge desktop CPUs on time. According to the slide, integrators will soon be offering the non-extreme Core i7 3770K, 3770, 3770S, 3770T and the Core i5 3570K, 3550, 3550S, 3570, 3450 and 3450S CPUs. The release date being the 29th of April.

Later, on June 3rd, Intel will launch the Core i5 3470, 3470S, 3475S, 3570 and 3570S. This later batch will be VPro-graded, so it’s a business product launch, not a consumer one.

A minor sidenote is to be made, here: below the 3570K, and with the honourable exception of the 3475S, Ivy Bridge CPUs include the Intel HD 4000 CPU, while the remainder provides a tweaked HD 2500 graphics core.

Finally, we can also find that the Core i3 version of Ivy Bridge CPUs will arrive during the holidays – Summer we presume – readying integrators for the back-to-school period.

Ivy Bridge processors will keep backward compatibility with the 6-series chipsets, but if you really must go for the added features of USB 3.0, PCIe 3.0 and RAID capability on SATA 3.0, you’ll have to pick up one of the new chipsets (Z77, Z75, H77, B75, Q77 and Q75). The feature set on these has been widely documented already, but those who really care about such things will already know what they’re looking for.

At the end of the day there is a reason companies don’t like to comment on rumours. For the most part it’s the fact that the reason people ask in the first place is to confirm a nasty bit of info about your product – and you simply don’t want to commit to something. The side-effect to this “no comment” line is that you simply leave people guessing and talking about your products.

Which it did. But of course there is no reference to the mobile versions of Ivy Bridge, which was the reason people began talking about a delay in the first place again. Stop. Rewind. Play.