Ivy Bridge really will be delayed

Last week Intel fought off rumours that Ivy Bridge will be delayed. It told the world and its dog that only one of the low spec mobile chips would be delayed and there is nothing to the rumours, everything will come out as planned, move on please.

The highly anticipated Intel chip, slated for the next crop of Ultrabooks, has been delayed, an Intel executive tells the Financial Times.

Now it seems that Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China, failed to get the memo.

He told the Times that Ivy Bridge will not be in the shops until June, because of manufacturing problems. This is funny because this is exactly the same rumour that we reported – but was swiftly debunked.

Though Intel had never announced a particular launch date, the chipmaker had indicated “spring” and leaving things to June is a delay.

Intel, though, is also quoted in the Times  as saying the company’s plans to start shipping Ivy Bridge in the second quarter had not changed. Er, so which one of them is right? We are not the only ones who are confused.

Practically, it does not matter to Intel when it comes out. Most of its Ivy Bridge sales will not happen until Microsoft has released Windows 8. However, it does matter to the publicity hogging Apple which wants to release its new range of Airs based around the chips.

A cynic might suggest that now that Intel is competing with the Air with its Ultrabook designs, it might not be that keen to help Apple too much.