Israeli start-up readies 5Gbps Wi-Fi

An Israeli start-up called Wilocity plans to drastically charge wireless speeds, partnering with the Wi-Fi Association and others to provide 60Hhz, tri-band wi-Fi.

For about four years, the Israeli company has been raising capital to try to provide 60GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets. Sounds boring but consider the 2.4GHz standard and it’s rather fast indeed.

The company was founded by ex-Intel boffins from the Wi-Fi Centrino group. Israel is a huge talent pool for Intel and chip engineers in general so it’s not surprising to find the company from that particular corner.

Tri-band Wi-Fi, Wilocity tells us, will be able to give us crazy wireless speeds of 5 Gbps for high performance devices that use Wi-Fi. 

“Imagine a Wi-Fi direct set-up running at 5Gbps,” the Wilocity guy, whose card we forgot to get, said. “You can easily calculate how long it takes you to just sync between two notebooks, or a notebook and a tablet. With HD today, and moving to terabytes, having a 5Gbps link is pretty useful.”

But the big selling point for future chipsets is going to appease some of the wireless industry and annoy others that they didn’t get there first. For ages whitecoats in labs, as well as corporate suits, have been trying to figure out how to do away with the dreaded tangler, the computer cable.

It will also be able to link up with “any display” with “virtually no latency”.

Wilocity claims to have done it, saying that its tri-band products will be able to connect to any device or peripheral, no problem. That includes providing a wireless path to SATA or “any other type of interface a customer wants to connect to.”

“The baseline usage for everything is internet access,” Wilocity tells us. “Codenamed AR9004TB Tri Band Wi-Fi model, Wilocity from day one believed 60 GHz needed to be part of tri band.

“Everything we have done is to enable tri band.”