Is AMD Fusion kicking Intel's Sandy Bridge?

AMD has made a huge song and dance about Fusion. For five years it has been banging on about the line-up, which it hopes is a competitor to Intel’s Sandy Bridge line-up.

KitGuru thinks it hasn’t shown its true colours.

The website went on an little exploring mission to see exactly what the score is with the Fusion range. 

Intel’s 2nd generation Core family of processors, which came to market at the start of this month, didn’t perform as well as expected. According to KitGuru this was because of “substantial inventory challenges” meaning that Intel only launched 4 processors (2300, 2400, 2500 and 2600) and the actual focus for reviews was on the 2500k and 2600k.

The site then went on to look at AMD’s Fusion and asked three professionals in the IT industry if they knew when AMD Fusion is going to launch. Unfortunately none of them had a clue and when they were informed the launch had actually occurred they were “surprised.” 

KitGuru gathered that the 22nd January launch was “extraordinarily low profile”. 

For Intel, the Core i5 2500 is an evolution of an earlier product and sits in the middle of a long list of Core processors – and according to Kitguru is by no means ‘exceptional’.

“Intel only started to really speak about it a few months before launch, it won’t be the biggest seller for Intel in 2011, not by a very l-o-n-g way and it is certainly not being labelled as “Intel’s future”, it suggested.

In comparison, AMD Fusion has been pushed to the press and public since AMD bought ATI. Every email sent by an AMD employee, for several years, has been rubber stamped with “The Future is Fusion”.

The website added that there was no easy way to “quantify how far ahead Intel was, compared to AMD, in terms of marketing,”. However, it said that it had analysed the publicly available data for 2500/E-240 and asked whether Intel’s marketing 26x was more powerful than AMD’s.

It found that Intel’s latest product launch scored almost 26 times the coverage of Fusion.

KitGuru added: “We believe that a strong AMD is vital to the market. With Intel cutting back on overclocking options on its new Core range, AMD should be ready to step up with new CPUs and re-capture enthusiast market share. AMD Fusion promised to create a new class of product, which spurred Intel into action with Larrabee. The GTX460 and 560 are only as good as they are, because Radeon keeps on pushing GeForce. Competition is GREAT for customers, but if AMD wants to join the Fortune 500 any time soon, then it needs to step up its game and convince us, Steve Jobs style, that the Future is Fusion.”