iPhone 5S accelerometer stuffed-up by Bosch chip

Apple must be regretting choosing the Bosch Sensortech accelerometer for its iPhone 5S.

A hardware bug is being reported on several sites claiming that on some games the chip creates a tilt to the left.

RealityCap, a developer of 3D APIs, claims that the bug may be the new Bosch Sensortech accelerometer, which Apple selected because it used less power.

ZDnet said the old iPhone 5 uses a STMicroelectronics LIS331DLH part and while they are both the same price, the Bosch saves power, but has a higher “output noise”.

According to RealityCap CEO Eagle Jones Bosch has different zero-g offset, or bias.. The ST part is +/- 20mg, while the Bosch part lists +/-95mg. This almost 5x greater offset range. In otherwords it is much less accurate.

Unfortunately, hardware defects can’t be patched with a simple iOS dot release.

Jones thinks that developers can work around the chip flaw by incorporating a calibration procedure into their apps – like the Compass app does when you first launch it.

This would allow the app to determine the accelerometer bias which can then be subtracted from the data coming from the accelerometer to get a correct reading.