iPad 3's logic board exposed

Photography of an alleged iPad 3 logic board has made it onto a website and raised concerns that the fancy toy will not sport a new ‘A6’ SoC, but rather a revamped A5, dubbed A5X.

Apple website, MacRumors, has published the photography and aptly pointed out what the main components are visible – from the 16GB Hynix memory modules, the Apple power management chip to the in-your-face A5X SoC – but unfortunately the only part that raises greater concern is that the A5X is hidden behind metal, metal that looks like a heatspreader, and this means heat, lots more heat.

MacRumours had previsouly dug up what it believed to be a 9.7-inch 2048×1536 panel that is to be used on the new iPad. The RF module isn’t visible in the photo but it is also likely that Apple has gone for a single “world phone” design for GSM/CDMA networks.

The new information brings to light what we mentioned in an earlier article: it was unlikely that the iPad 3 sported an entirely new SoC based on an ‘A6’ design with a genuine quad-core CPU, but rather a souped-up core design that improved upon performance, graphics and power management. It remains to be seen whether Apple has really gone the extra engineering mile or not, or whether fanboys will pick up on the difference.

The original forum post exposing the logic board can be found here, and iFixit’s own photo of the iPad 2 logic board can be seen here, so you can compare.

All will be revealed come 7th March, when Apple is expected to officially introduce the iPad 3 at an event in the US.