Intel’s Skylake specs leaked

Sky-and-lakeA Turkish website has published benchmark details of Intel’s new Skylake chip.

PC-FRM  has shown slides with performance comparison charts which feature the Intel Core i7-6700K against a raft of popular high performance processors.

The Skylake-S CPU lineup information has already been leaked but this new source ‘confirms’ that the Intel Core i7-6700K is a four physical core and eight thread processor with a base/boost frequency of 4.0/4.2GHz and a TDP of 95W.

This would make the CPU the successor to the Intel Core i7-4790K which has the same 4/8 cores/threads, a slightly higher boost frequency of 4.4GHz, yet a lower TDP of 88W.

Both these processors plus the i7 5820K (six cores / 12 threads), i5 6600K, AMD FX9590 and AMD FX-8350 are in the Turkish benchmark comparison tables.
The benchmarks encompass 3DMark’s CPU tests, Cinebench, PCMark and various games played with an Nvidia GeForce GTX780.

It would appear that the new Intel i7-6700K Skylake is bout 15 per cent faster than the Haswell-based i7-4790K chip.

The new 6th generation Socket 1151 processor will be built upon the same 14nm process as Broadwell and support both DDR4 2133MHz and DDR3L 1600MHz memory. It has an unlocked multiplier as demoted by the ‘K’ suffix. Roadmaps and plans indicate a launch in mid-August this year.