Intel's Sean Maloney to return to work

At the end of Dadi Perlmutter’s speech this afternoon, a message was delivered to the assembly listening at Computex.

Sean Maloney, the British guy who advanced so far in Intel only to be hospitalised because of a stroke, is to return to work in the second half of this year.

Maloney has made a rather good recovery from the stroke and will be able to resume duties at the chip giant.

He was tipped, before the stroke, to be the next CEO of Intel. If the recovery is as complete as was suggested today, he could still well be a contender.

Like Pat Gelsinger, who now works at storage company EMC, Maloney was someone who benefited from Andy Grove’s career advice. We’d welcome the Brit back on the scene.

We’d welcome Kicking Pat back too, but the likelihood of that happening is next to zero, we suspect.