Intel's Red Ridge seen on mystery Android tablet

Gossiping  tongues were a-flappin’ when Intel’s Red Ridge platform was seen with a mystery Android tablet seeking FCC approval.

According to ZDNet, the mystery tablet had an Intel Medfield chip inside but was running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This will be deeply shocking to those who always believed that Intel and Microsoft were the marriage made in heaven.

The couple have been flaunting their relationship at the FCC and friends suggest that Chipzilla will announce the new relationship at CES early next year.

Intel has had trouble finding a suitable partner to help it into mobile society. Dating sites have failed, mostly because partners feel that Intel is too close to Microsoft to be worth trying to cut a deal with.

The Medfield Atom system-on-a-chip really only got a few dates but nothing lasting other than a brief encounter with the Motorola Razr i. But there had been some hope for a Red Ridge reference tablet using the chip.

So far there are few details of the new tablet’s spec, and there’s no mention of a brand name for the tablet. The fact that Chipzilla has dragged the new tablet before the FCC seems to indicate that it has CES in mind.

The question is whether the Medfield chip will cut the mustard against some of the more dapper ARM offerings. Still, if Intel is getting FCC approval it probably means we do not have long to wait and find out.