Intel's new chip "rare as hen's teeth"

It is getting harder to find Intel’s new six-core Core i7-980X processor for love or hard cash.

Despite the fact that at $1,000 you would have to mortgage your house to buy one and if you want a machine based around it you would have to sell your children to science, the beasts are in demand.

Intel has been flogging huge numbers in Japan and while OEMs have managed to get their paws on a few, availability of the standalone boxed processor is practically non-existent.

One Japanese magazine said that it was regrettable that honourable Intel San has not made it clear when build-your-own consumers will be able to get a hold of the chip. Meanwhile 980X systems are flying off the store shelves at prices of at least $3400 each.

It does indicate that people really are shelling out a large number of notes for high end systems and also that Intel is not supporting its build-your-own market.

It lends weight to the rumour that it flogged most of the chips to PC builders and has been surprised by the interest from the great unwashed.