Intel's Moorestown chips released

Chip giant Intel released its next family of Atoms – low cost, low power chips formerly codenamed Moorestown.

The chip is built using a 45 nanometre process with 140 million transistors included on the die, as well as a controller hub and a dedicated mixed single IC on the same die.

Intel is hoping for a lot from this processor – it wants it to be the basis of high end smartphones, handheld devices and tablets – but it’s far from clear it will be universally adopted. There is resistance to Intel making inroads into markets that it hasn’t populated before.

The Atom chips will now be known as the Z6xx series, and Intel claims that the chips give 50 times reduction in idle power, 20 times reduction in audio power and two to three times reduction if you’re using a browser or playing around with video.

The system on a chip has two ultra low power states that consume 100 microwatts. The chips will clock up to 1.5GHz for smartphones and 1.9GHz for tablets – they support wi-fi, 3G/HSPA and WiMAX.