Intel’s Kaby Lake chips headed for third quarter

Sky-and-lakeIntel’s Kaby Lake processors will be launched in Q3 2016, according to a new industry leak.

A Chinese website Benchlife has published a leaked roadmap that suggests Kaby Lake processors will still be manufactured on a 14nm node, similar to Intel Skylake.

The initial lineup expected to launch in Q3 will consist of U and Y series mobility chips aimed at notebooks, ultrabooks, and 2-in-1s. Desktop Kaby Lake processors are also expected to be launched this year, possibly sometime in the fourth quarter.

Intel will also be replacing its N-series Cherry Trail lineup with Apollo Lake, while the Z-series Broxton lineup expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

The company’s first 10nm processor family dubbed “Cannon Lake” will apparently be released in Q3 2017, exactly a year after Kaby Lake’s introduction. Again, just like Skylake and Kaby Lake, the U and Y series Cannon Lake processors will be the first to launch.