Intel's Ivy Bridge to launch 23 April

AMD and Intel have been leaking launch dates for their next generation of chips.

According to CPU World Intel’s Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will be announced 23 April, while AMD’s Trinity APUs will come out 15 May.

Quoting sources in the East, CPU World said that the list of upcoming SKUs does not include energy-efficient Core i5-3550S, and low-power i5-3570T and i7-3770T models, which stands by the theory of a phased launch. Prices were $2-$12 lower than expected.

AMD will be busy introducing its “Piledriver” CPU cores, and will feature slightly faster CPU performance than the original K10-based APUs, as well as a 7000-series graphics core.

The processors will run at higher frequencies than current generation of Llano APUs, although they will not be much faster than current APUs in non-graphics applications, as AMD is predicting a 10 to 15 percent increase in IPC (instructions per cycle), together with better power management and an extended instruction set.

Trinity CPUs will be launched on May 15, and low-power mobile APUs for thin and light notebooks will be available in June.