Intel's Ivy Bridge delayed – report

Chipzilla has been warning its partners that it will be delaying the mass shipments of its Ivy Bridge processors.

According to Digitimes, which has been talking to the suppliers, Intel wants to postpone mass shipments of Ivy Bridge processors.

Instead the cunning plan is to announce the new products and ship a small volume of the processors in early April. This means that mass shipments will not happen until after June.

Some of this is because first-tier notebook vendors can’t get rid of their Sandy Bridge notebook inventories due to the weak global economy.

Intel is also not happy that it has rooms full of Sandy Bridge processors without a home to go to. Once Ivy Bridge comes out, no one is going to want to buy any of them.

It makes little odds to the notebook vendors anyway. While most of them had Ivy Bridge models on the drawing board, most did not think that customers would want to start replacing their PCs until after September, when Microsoft launches Windows 8. They have been planning a miserable first three quarters of 2012.

One group that will be happy are the USB 3.0 chipmakers such as Renesas, ASMedia and Etron allowing them to earn an extra quarter of sales.

The share of third-party USB 3.0 chipmakers in the notebook market was expected to drop to only around 20 percent in 2012, but with Intel’s delay, their share is expected to climb back to 50 percent.