Intel’s fashion bracelet is bona to go

Intel’s move into your actual high fashion is gathering apace with an absolutely fantabulosa smart bracelet which is bona to go later this year, writes our fashion correspondent.

Your actual fashion boutique Opening Ceremony said that it is on track to sell a smart bracelet in New York City. No, no, Don’t laugh, you’ll get crow’s feet.

Store founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim told a New York Fashion Week talk moderated by Business of Fashion founder Imran Amed that their main goal was to create something stylish people would aspire, yes aspire to, wear every day.

“We wanted to create something that can live with you on a daily basis,” Leon said. The bracelet would have a specific function and look fantabulosa for those soirées in the back passages of High Street, Kensington.

Lim said that Intel was your actual world’s largest computer-chip manufacturer but would rely entirely on Leon and Lim to give the bracelet a sense of style and design.

Chipzilla said last month that as part of the coupling the company will engage the CFDA to create an educational community for 400 technology developers and fashion designers to exchange ideas about wearable technology. The collaboration will produce a gadget that will be sold at Barneys and OC before 2015.

Ironically the first big release will be Russia which has become a bona place for fashion designers to set up camp. This year it is the Year of Belgium which will be so last season by September when the bracelet will come out.

“We wanted something that would raise awareness,” Leon said. “But we also always want to do something exciting.”