Intel’s fanless chip gets a fan

While Chipzilla is marketing its anorexic fanless Core M reference designs at Computex this week, it seems that that the company does think that the designs will actually run better with a fan.

Cnet said that Intel showed off a design for a docking station that includes a set of fans to add some airflow into the Core M.

The reason is that to allow for greater performance while using such a system at your desk. It works by targeting airflow over the front and rear surfaces of the tablet. CNet tells us that the dock was switched on at the demonstration, making very little noise and the airflow was hard to notice. However it does defeat the purpose of having a fanless computer an awful lot.

It is a bit like offering a punter a hybrid car but telling them that it will go faster if you put petrol in. The performance gain is not small either. Intel’s testing indicates that running a Core M system with the dock would boost performance by around 30 percent.

Still if Intel does hold to its promise to have all wireless systems including docking, charging and displays, in 2016 the idea will be toast, unless it tells us that the way to improve wireless performance by 30 per cent is by connecting it with a wire.