Intel's Beckton delayed, says rival

Here at TechEye, we hear odd rumours all the time. It’s par for the course in the dog-eat-dog world of billion dollar semis.

But once in a while we stumble across a rumour that is clearly the product of- if we’re being magnanimous – wishful thinking, or even more likely purposeful misinformation.

Of course, the firm involved chose to spread the info as “off the record” which leads to a rather interesting moral dilemma. Namely, if someone says something to a hack off-the-record and said hack discovers it’s completely inaccurate, and maybe even purposeful misinformation, can one publish it anyway?

Our esteemed editor says yes. Drop AMD in it.

The rumour itself is almost irrelevant at this point, but concerns Intel’s eight core Beckton chip, the firm’s next high performance processor based on the Nehalem architecture (Nehalem EX), boasting no less than 24MB of L3 cache and 4 QPI links. Anyway, according to this well placed source the rumours were that the chip is late.

“Hearing some conflicting dates right now,” was the way it was initially put to us. This developed into “hearing it might be slipping out far to the right, like by a couple of quarters.” Intel, of course, made light work of this nonsense claim.

“It is ready now and it has been shipping to our OEM customers since 2009,” said Intel spokesman Nick Knupffer, adding that the chip has also been sampling to top end-users “since last year.

“The public launch is still scheduled for the 1st half 2010,” he said confidently, and our sources close to Intel confirm that the chip could actually tip up in Q1 this year, earlier than expected. “Your slip rumours are strange,” mused Knupffer.

And after doing our fact checking, we had to concur. It makes one wonder why such well placed industry sources would willfully disseminate rumors which could so easily proved incorrect. Wonder how many other journos will be receiving this interesting “off the record” tip off.