Intel’s 10nm confirmed on track for 2017

intel_ireland_semiconductor_chip_fab_300mm_waferIntel has moved swiftly to dispel rumours that its shift to 10nm might be delayed.

The rumours started when a job advert on the outfits website said that Intel will begin mass production using the new tech in two years from the date of the advert. This would mean that Intel was delaying its move to move to 10nm for a year.

However when hacks started to report this, Intel PR got on the blower quickly to say that the advert was wrong and everything was on time as an Italian train driven by Mussolini.

Chipzilla has said that a job advert which implied that it would not be using the 10nm process for two years was inaccurate and confirmed that it is on track for a 2017 release.

According to the Motley Fool  the advert has since been taken down and Chipzilla had made the rare move of confirming that the “first 10-nanometer product is planned for the second half of 2017.”

Intel is unlikely to roll out server chips in 2017. At the moment the plan appears to be introducing its second-generation 14-nanometer server chip family in early to mid-2017. Intel is apparently trying to get its process ramped at high yields experimenting on the PC market so that 10-nanometer server processors will be ready for the first half of 2018.

This follows Intel’s traditional pattern of a having a few parts released as it experiments with the new tech.  This is what happened in the first year of Intel’s 14-nanometer availability.