Intel Z68 chipset details leaked

Details have emerged of Intel’s upcoming Z68 chipset, with the model names of the firm’s own brand chipset motherboards being leaked.

According to VR-Zone, the two models Intel is planning to launch will feature in the extreme and media motherboard sections of Chipzilla’s product range, with the top-of the-range model dubbed the DZ68BC, and the media motherboard reffered to as the DZ68DB.

It is expected that both boards will be launched during the second half of this year, though the chipset could arrive alongside the budget H61 chipset in the second quarter.

While details are thin, it’s thought that the Z68 chipset will not be supporting SSD caching from the offset, as this will require the Rapid Storage Technology drivers that are only expected to add SSD caching in the 10.5 release.

It is noted that this would also require a firmware upgrade for the SATA controller, though this will probably be part of a BIOS upgrade.