Intel will show off Red Ridge design 3 November

Intel will show off its Red Ridge Medfield tablet reference design at the beginning of November.

Chipzilla is going to demonstrate the technology at the MEMS Executive Congress event on 3 November, Monterey, California.

There it will talk up its tablet form-factor reference design, which it promises to enable OEMs and devlopers with the tools to design and manufacture products using Medfield.

The 32nm system on chip, it is claimed, will focus on low power devices with small footprints. We’re promised “stunning” performance and a focus on integration.

Medfield works with Intel Wireless Display, so you can transfer HD content between tablets, PCs and connected TVs.

In the most recent Intel conference call, CEO Paul Otellini reassured investors that there will be Intel phones in the first half of 2012. There will be tablets.  Yes, there will be tablets. As ThisIsMyNext reported in September, a leaky Intel suggested Android tablets should surface in Q1, 2012.