Intel will ship 22 nanometre chips next year

It’s Moscone West, it’s Paul S. Otellini and he’s telling us there are billions of untapped users. A million PCs are being sold every day. Here are some other things he’s telling us.

This year’s growth will be 18 percent in units, according to Gartner and two fundamental things are driving this – emerging markets and the PC is becoming increasingly personal.  There’s going to be one PC per person. The total installed base is 1.4 billion. 

Smart devices will reach five billion by 2014, he said. No single device will satisfy the needs of pervasive communication. Intel will create a continuum. Intel will deliver a full computing stack to customers and developers around the world. More practically, it allows for shorter time to market and lower development costs. Intel will deliver and develop more complete hardware and software than ever in the past.

Intel bought Wind river to assist in embedded products and services. The two teams are working well together and Intel will keep them open and cross platform.

There are three pillars – energy efficiency, security and internet connectivity. Moore’s Law is the foundation. Intel is the only company shipping 32 nanometre technology today. The 32 nanometre process spans high performance computers down to the smallest handheld devices. 

Intel will deliver a 22 nanometre processor in the second half of next year. Intel’s plan is to offer seure capabilities across the whole range of devices. The acquisition of McAfee is part of that. It would be great if PCs could be trusted to only allow trusted software. Only the combination of hardware and software can provide a secure level of protection.

Intel transformed the industry by integrating wi-fi. Sixty percent of machines shipped are notebooks. WiMAX will cover 800 million people by the end of this year. Intel acquired Infineon’s cellular division and will deliver LTE technology. Intel bought the TI cable modem business to enable its vision of Smart TV.

Otellini is very excited about WiDi to share content on your TV. Intel will have 48 SKUs available by the end of this year. Intel continues to lead on integrated graphics but people want a good experience across the spectrum of visual computing.

Intel is operating system agnostic and supports every operating system, apart from the Mac OS. 
Sandy Bridge will revolutionise PCs and be branded as the second generation Core processor.

It will not only have MPU capabilities but graphics, seamlessly. It will deliver amazing performance and things that used to take hours to process will take seconds, Otellini claimed.

The desktop is the central hub for many people. The second generation processors will ship early in 2011.

Sandy Bridge will also serve data centres and high performance computers.