Intel will make rivals' chips

Fashion bag maker Chipzilla has surprised punters by saying that it is happy to start making its rivals’ chips.

Intel said that it has changed a major tenant of its contract manufacturing strategy and will allow chips based on rivals’ designs in Intel’s own factories.

It had previously said that it will not allow competitors access to Intel’s leading-edge factories and would not make chips based on designs from Intel rival ARM.

New Intel President Renee James told investors and analysts at the company’s annual investor day at corporate headquarters that Intel was evolving.

We guess this means that its business plan has opposable thumbs and will totally annoy those who believe that chips are created in seven days.

Under the new plan, Intel will evaluate prospective foundry clients on a “deal by deal basis, not on an architecture by architecture basis”.

Apparently, it will not matter if they are making chips that will compete with Intel’s.  It will be all part of  Intel’s moves to become a foundry operation.