Intel wants to hide its light under bushel

Chipmaker Intel is giving up on telling the world plus dog about its antics. For years the “Intel inside” sticker has been shoved on the the outside of products.

However now the outfit is encouraging a more discreet presence. Jim Nucci, a brand manager at Intel said that manufactures had to spend a fortune on designing their products and they really didn’t want a naff sticker stuffing it up.

He told Apple’s favourite newspaper the NY Times that customers are really trying to deliver industrial designs that are beautiful and elegant. He added that Intel did not want to be an obtrusive element.

This might seem odd, given that Intel has established one of the most well-known brands on the planet. According to a recent survey from Interbrand, a brand consulting firm, ranked Intel as the seventh-best global brand, just behind companies like Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

This has apparently given it the confidence to hide. Sony’s Internet TV has its logo all over it, while the Intel inside gets a mention at the bottom of the press release. The same applies to Cisco’s just released its Umi video conferencing system.

The Times seems to think that part of the reason is that Intel has been bitten by one too many antitrust lawsuits.

The chipmaker has been accused of using co-marketing deals and rebates to keep customers from switching to rival chips.

The paper’s theory is that after Intel has sewn up the market, its PR teams will be back to reminding everyone what is running inside their machines.