Intel wants 48 cores in your phone

Fashion bag maker Intel has decided that what a smartphone really needs is so many cores that turning it on creates a distortion in the space time continuum and results in the creation of cats which might be dead or alive.

Researchers working for Intel are working out a way to put a 48 core chip into a smartphone, which does not melt, and does not have two seconds of battery life.

Computerworld admits that such a chip might be a few years away, but it thinks in five to ten years we will see 48-core processor smartphones and tablets.

Enric Herrero, a research scientist at Intel Labs in Barcelona, said the lab is working on finding new ways to use and manage many cores in mobile devices.

He said that a 48-core chip in a small mobile device would open up a whole new world of possibilities.

It will be possible to have one core encrypting an email while changing your TV channels, another reversing polarity on the neutron flow, another popping to the shops to buy a packet of fags, and another running for mayor.

All these things can apparently be done on four cores but the operations might drag because they’d have to share resources.

Tanausu Ramirez, another Intel research scientist working on the 48-core chip, said that if someone was, for example, watching a high-definition video, a 48-core chip could use different cores to decode different video frames at the same time. This would stop the image being jumpy.

If you use more cores with less energy you save a lot more juice than running one core flat out, Ramirez said. 

Justin Rattner, Intel’s CTO, told Computerworld that a 48-core chip for small mobile devices could hit the market “much sooner” than the researchers’ prediction.

He said functions such as speech recognition and augmented reality will push the need for more computational power.