Intel under pressure on USB 3.0

Intel is under pressure to get its Ivy Bridge platform out so it can finally release a chipset with USB 3.0 support.

Ivy Bridge delays has meant that rival chip manufacturers have stolen a march with on the cutting edge technology. “It was really important that AMD beat them to it,” TechEye heard from Kingston’s European product manager, Krystian Jaroszynski.

“They felt pressured so that is why they have it with Ivy Bridge. It is very important, particularly for the corporate side as well,” Jaroszynski said. “Lots of AMD platforms come with it already. Once Ivy Bridge comes out there will be native controller support.

“It will be very important with them for the corporate side as well, and they need to implement every platform.”

Jaroszynksi believes that with Microsoft about to release its Windows 8 To Go standard, having support for USB 3.0 is vital, particularly for corporate use.

The possibilities of having your whole operating system available to be uploaded from a portable USB drive means that the uptake of USB 3.0 should increase substantially.

“We have recent reports of one of our distributors said this year they sold 70 percent of motherboards with USB 3.0,” Jaroszynski said.