Intel Ultrabook adverts mystify the world

One of Intel’s latest Ultrabook adverts is stirring up a stink on YouTube, where its enlightened users are debating whether the short film – which appears to parody films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers – is racist.

Of course, the most talented YouTube commentators will be able to either find racism or make racism in any video at all. 

The advert features two Asian women, in traditional dress, backflipping around a palace as they fight over a power socket to charge their laptops. The woman in blue gets there at last before shooting the stink eye to a modern woman with an Ultrabook, who claims she still has hours left in her device. The viewer sees the machine for just four seconds in the 1:02 video. 

Take a look here:

Meanwhile, some Twitter users have noticed Intel’s Ultrabook adverts appearing on UK television. This one’s set in the old West and makes less sense:

Twitter users @thorn_w said: “TV advert: ULtrabook, inspired by Intel*” *Apple“, while @stroughtonsmith pointed out that Intel’s not advertising any particular product device, but just a category of machines. 

The top comment on the YouTube link, from user yobnhoJ71, reads: “That tells me a whole lot about the product”. This advert, titled “Desperado”, shows the Ultrabook at some point for roughly 14 seconds – but it is often the back case or the corner of the screen poking its way into the frame. 

Many vendors have realised that the Apple advert model of showing the product in action, close-up, with attention to detail, is the way to showcase a device. Intel could have a hard time of it, because it wants to make “Ultrabook” a pervasive name for ultra-thin laptops, but at the same time, it can’t be seen to favour any of its heavily subsidised manufacturing partners.