Intel turns Israel into Land of Milk, Honey and Chips

Israeli president Shimon Peres was piling on the praise for Intel.

According to the Post Peres, who was having a tour of the company’s Fab 28 plant in Kiryat Gat, said that Chipzilla had turned the promised land into a “land of milk, honey and chips”.

Peres is a big fan of Intel. When he was a finance minister in the late 1980s, he was responsible for the agreement that brought Intel to Israel.

Peres credited Intel’s local success to sensitive and decisive management, saying the company knows not only how to manage machinery but also how to manage people.

Of course there were the small matters of huge tax breaks and investment sweeteners that Israel gave to Intel over the years. But Peres said Intel has more than justified all of the investment.

Intel has returned through taxes all the funds it has ever received from the State of Israel  and then some, Peres claimed.

He said that no one could ever have imagined that Kiryat Gat would be one of the most important places in the world for technology.

Although when it was run by the Philistines one of its citizens, Mr Goliath, came from the town and gave the Israel army a run for its money.

He said that Kiryat Gat was the Everest of technological science and the plant has given Israel the momentum to reach the peak of technology.