Intel turns in stunning profits

Semiconductor firm Intel did well for its fourth financial quarter, unworried now because AMD fired its CEO for not concentrating enough on tablets and slates. Or perhaps Meyer was fired because there were few sales of server chips. Intel doesn’t care.

The chip giant turned in earnings nearly 50 percent up on the previous quarter, despite it having to give lots of money to its competitors.

Its revenues amounted to $11.46 billion for the quarter – not an insignificant amount – and it made a profit of $3.39 billion. Also not an insignificant amount.

And guess what? Server sales, traditionally the most lucrative sector of X86 business, were up by 15 percent. We doubt that AMD made many server sales in the Q.

Intel’s gross margin for the Q was an astonishing figure too, not too far off 70 percent. It is money for old rope. Perhaps X86 chips are not commodity items, after all.

So Intel cares about tablets, ARM or whatever? We at TechEye think it doesn’t give a damn. Intel thinks it will do well in the first quarter of its next financial year too, once it has farmed out all of its PR people to work on hardware sites. Pity about Atom sales, though. Whose daft idea was that?