Intel tries to bully online press. Again

Chip giant Intel finds it very hard to shrug off the habits of its corporate  lifetime and still tries to bully journalists. It can’t get over that addiction. It’s ingrained in its corporate culture, it seems. Tom’s Hardware, The Register, Heise, we all got the letters. Intel’s gone arrogant again.

But these days, rather than use lawsuits and that, dear little lovely Intel tries to wave so-called advertising promises to journalist faces, rather than threaten us with lawsuits. I’ve been threatened by Intel many times in my journalistic lifetime.

If only Intel was threatened with intelligence. It’s a really rather daft corporation. Any corporation that let Kicking Pat Gelsinger go is very dumb, very dumb indeed,

It wasn’t so long ago that Intel thought it could brainwash hacks thought police style.

Now Intel has turned itself into a virtual Mussolini and thinks it can bully everyone in the industry just because it is big and had advertising dollars. To hell with its advertising dollars.

Mussolini was a  big little man too.

Believe it or believe it not, I have been threatened by Intel several times as a chip journalist in my life. It tried to lose me my job at VNU because I published its roadmap that Intel wanted no one to see.

Yesterday, when I tried to get the answer to a question about Intel China, Chuck Mulloy,  a senior spinner there who has told me he knows all about security at INTC got a bit nasty.

He said to me: “So Mike, how did you get from sending me a report on a censorship study and asking for comment to a letter from Durban?  You asked me about the study and whether we had a position on it.  We had not seen it. You said NOTHING about the letter from Durbatin. I replied to your email because we know each other.  Maybe I should just ignore the next time you send a note.”

The answer was, the time difference between the UK and Santa Clara.

Chuck Mulloy used to work for AMD and knows Jerry Sanders III very well. I replied and said “message understood”.

Being threatened by Intel is nothing new to me. The chip company has a surpassing arrogance that most others in the industry reject. I reject Intel’s stance. Only the paranoid survive, and I am far from paranoid. It’s simple. Intel, lay off me. And lay off TechEye. We don’t care about your stupid little advertising dollars. Get stuffed.