Intel to update Celeron line-up

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that Intel is set to update its Celeron product line in the first quarter of 2012.

Apparently Chipzilla has been examining its lower end and thinks that things are a bit flabby.

Specs obtained by EETimes  indicate that the refresh will include a 1.6GHz dual core processor called the B815. This can deal with two threads with a TDP of 35W. The B815 would kill off the B810 model and add improved graphics frequency of 1050MHz over the current generation’s 950MHz.

Meanwhile Chipzilla will be refreshing its B710 Celeron chip with a B720 single core. Single cores are pretty rare these days with the perception that they have been out-evolved by multi-core chips. The B710 can’t hyperthread either, but will be pretty cheap we guess.

Chipzilla will complete the range with two ultra-low voltage ULV 867 and ULV 797. The ULV 867 is a dual core 1.3GHZ chip, while the ULV 797 is single core with 1.4GHz clock speed. Both would have a TDP of just 17W.

Intel is apparently going to have another Celeron refresh in fourth quarter of 2012 too.

But it is a little strange at the amount of effort that Intel is putting into Celerons given that its Atom specs are getting better and its core-i3 chips are becoming cheaper.

Intel appears to be seeing the Celeron as between the Atom and the i3, but the question is why would punters bother?