Intel to stick with 450nm plans

Chipzilla is continuing to write cheques to support its 450mm wafer initiative despite worries about a slow down in the PC market.

Intel’s supreme Dalek Brian Krzanich said he wants volume production of chips on 450mm wafers in the second half of this decade.

The move to 450mm wafers is an extremely complex process which will take at least ten years and is a long term goal for any outfit.

But the fact he will not cut spending on it means that Krzanich thinks the slowdown in the PC market is not heralding the death of PCs and a move to mobile so much as a hiccup.

Krzanich said that Intel had not changed its timing on 450mm wafers and was still targeting the second, latter half of this decade. Over that period of time you are bound to get “mixed signals” about whether or not there will be a big pay off at the end of it.

Intel saw great value in 450mm as it brings tremendous economic value to everybody who participates in it, Krzanich said.

Chipzilla has confirmed the beginning of construction of the fab D1X module 2. The new facility will be the world’s first semiconductor manufacturing factory processing 450mm wafers, which will be used primarily for development purposes and which will lead the way for the whole multi-billion dollar industry.

But there is some heavy expenditure involved in this glorious ten year plan. Apparently it is going to set Intel back nearly $2 billion this year.

That cash is ear-marked build Intel’s first 450mm [D1X module 2] development facility. The plan is to have 450mm equipment available in 2015.

Intel is currently equipping its D1X development fab to process 300mm wafers using 14nm manufacturing technology and expects to initiate production this year. While the D1X module 1 facility is 450mm-capable, it will come online as a 300mm fab.