Intel to ship 48-core processors

Intel will release ‘limited quantities’ of an experimental 48-core processor, mainly to academic institutions.

According to the IDG News Service, Intel tech evangelist Sean Koehl also said that although the chips might not end up commercially available, some of the features might be seen in future chips from the company.

The 48-core processor development is part of Intel’s terascale computing research program, with a main focus area being to put more cores in a single processor, allowing faster computing.

Details are a little sketchy, but Intel Labs engineer Chris Anderson said that each physical core on the chip will operate at the clock speed of Atom-based chips. 

This may not sound impressive, but is if you think that 48 of these will combine on a single processor, it really is. Dual and even quad-processor motherboards could also be developed to accept the chips.

The most traditional way to boost performance is to increase CPU clock speed, but adding cores to processors is considered more power-efficient.

The architecture of the 48-core processor will include improvements cutting problems affecting current x86 chips, while it will also have better power management capabilities.

It was only recently that Intel and AMD released new server chips with their highest core counts to date.