Intel to release budget Haswell range

Fashion bag maker  Intel is going to release seven new Haswell chips into the budget market.

The chips have a lower performance in comparison with what we have seen from the company so far.

According to CPU World, the chips are appearing for the first time on Intel’s price list and should be available any day.

There will be three new dual-core Pentium processors the first G3220 which will have a clock speed of 3GHz. The G3420 will have a speed of 3.2GHz, and the G3430 3.3GHz.

Each ships with 3MB of on-board cache and HD Graphics as standard.

Where Chipzilla appears to have saved its cash is that none of the chips have Turbo Boost or Hyper-Threading and all have a TDP of 54W.

As for pricing, the G3220 will cost $70. The G3420 will set you back $90 and the G3430 $100. They will replace Ivy Bridge CPUs in that price range.

Meanwhile, Intel is releasing dual-core Core i3 processors, the first G3220 which will have a clock speed of 3.4GHz. The G3420 will have a speed of 3.5 GHz, and the G3430 3.6 GHz.

They are rated at 54W TDP, but unlike the Pentiums they have Hyper Threading. The 4130 includes 3MB of cache and a HD 4400 GPU. The 4330 and 4340 both have 4MB of cache and a HD 4600 GPU but have different clockspeeds. Pricing for the three chips is around $137, $155, and $166 respectively.

The last chip in the budget range is the new quad-core Core i5-4440. For $197 the chip has a 3.1GHz processor with Turbo Boost taking that up to 3.3GHz. There’s 6MB of on-board cache and a HD 4600 GPU. The TDP for this chip increases to 84W, but there’s no Hyper Threading.