Intel to fire entire PR team

Impeccable sources inside Intel inform TechEye that its freshly hatched CEO Brian Krzanich is about to fire the entire PR team in a bid to turn the company’s public image round as the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) looms.

The source said: “Tightening up the budget is the motto on the marketing side. The old timers are all gone and we are on track to get back our mojo on mobile. The head of PR will be changed, and then it will ‘waterfall’. Brian wants ‘open books’”.

He claimed Intel “isn’t the same, anymore”. He claimed INTC has learned that it can get its “ass kicked” by AMD and ARM.

He added: “We changed. Bill Siu, Albert Yu, Louis Burns and Paul Otellini have all gone. “

He neglected to include Mike Splinter, Mike Fister, Kicking Pat Gelsinger and Sean Maloney as has beens that have also gone.

He failed to say just how Intel hoped to re-invent itself in the face of having no strategy and few tactics either.

Intel was unable to comment at press time because it is a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom.