Intel to drop i3 prices

Intel may already be looking to drop the price on one of its new Ivy Bridge Core i3 mobile processors as a push to make its Ultrabook platform more enticing.

Partners have been muttering to Chipzilla that the price on the chips for the ultra-thin laptops are too high

They moan that it is impossible for them to drop prices well under the $1,000 price point without sacrificing profitability. Intel’s answer has been to suggest using plastic cases instead of the metal chassis it originally demanded.

Now according to Xbit labs it appears that Intel could finally budge.

A Williams Financial Group research analyst Cody Acree claims Intel is lowering the price of its new Core i3-3217U processor,. The analyst says the price cut would be between $25 to $27, or roughly 11 percent off the original $225 price.

If Intel is going through with this it is a little ironic as it comes when pricier Ultrabooks are actually gaining traction with consumers.

But more Ultrabooks will need to get closer to the $500 mainstream price point if they are to meet Intel’s heady sales goals so that would explain the price cut.