Intel throws $100 million at US universities

Intel has announced that it is to invest $100 million in university research in the US over the next five years, marking the latest in a series of global investments from the chip firm.

As part of the investment the company will establish Intel Science and Technology Centres in a number of universities in 2011. These centres will will aid Intel’s research and development in key areas such as visual computing, mobility, security and embedded technology.

The investment means than Intel will be forking over up to five times more funding in universities than previously, which will help cover operating, maintenance and staff costs.

Stanford University will house the first Intel Science and Technology Centre, with a focus on visual computing. The Sandy Bridge platform will be a major element of research here, particularly in terms of combined visual and 3D graphics.

Intel said that its decision to establish these research centres is part of a move to “a new model of collaboration.” They will be jointly led by university researchers and Intel staff and Intel is promising “maximum flexibility” in how they will operate, but may fine-tune the focus as its research aims change.

2011 looks to be a big year for Intel investment, with previous announcements this month of a $500 million investment in the Leixlip plant in Ireland and a $2.7 billion investment in the Kiryat Gat plant in Israel. With January not even over yet, Intel could have plenty more investment announcements up its sleeves.