Intel tests cooling with oil

Intel is experimenting with a technology which involves dunking your computer in mineral oil.

According to Wired, Chipzilla has been running servers in small, oil-filled boxes for this past year, and they are nearly done.

The idea came from the Green Revolution Cooling out of Austin, Texas which is hoping to revolutionise the way computers are cooled.

Looking at the spec you can see why. The server uses two to three percent of the power to keep itself cool. Your bog standard service uses about 50 or 60 percent of the power on keeping itself from catching fire.

Intel likes the idea because it is cheap and can be set up on small computers and giant servers. The downside is that oil is not the neatest thing in the world and the last thing you want is to have an oil slick on your desk and having to cope with Greenpeace demands that you pay to scrub off the cockroaches and other wildlife. Then there is the small matter of OPEC and the US invading to make sure that your oil supply is protected for democracy.

Apparently you have to take your computer to a mechanic every ten years to get an oil change.

Normally he will open it up, suck in a lot of air and say it is stuffed – and it will never pass its MOT.