Intel tells partners to stop being greedy

Chipzilla is apparently meeting with its business partners in the Far East to tell them to stop copying Apple and charging too much for ultra-books.

Intel has some big plans based on the ultra-thin laptop but apparently its plans are being screwed up by companies that think such stuff should be sold at the same prices as Apple gear.

Jobs’ Mob did relatively well with its Air range and apparently the manufacturers in the Far East thought “I will have some of that”. Instead of charging reasonable prices for the gadgets they are charging more, or the same as Apple.

The problem is that without the marketing and the mind-numbing fanboy base, Ultrabooks struggle to go anywhere.

Now, according to Digitimes, Intel is working with its suppliers to get prices down. It has revealed a reference bill of materials without assembly costs for 21mm ultrabooks at US$475-650 and 18mm models at $493-710. Currently Ultrabooks are penned in for silly money of above $1,000.

Intel is scheduled to meet notebook ODM partners in Taipei next week to discuss the pricing and other details pertaining to Ultrabooks, with an aim to control the initial selling prices of ultrabooks to below $1,000.

It will also be pushing its 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs for 2012 and Haswell-based models in 2013

Huron River-based ultrabooks launched in 2011 and Chief River-based models launched in 2012.

If Intel gets its way then Apple could finally have some competition for its Air range.

We do not hold our breath.

The manufacturers have been unable to get their head around the concept that Apple is a top of the range price and have been releasing tablets which are around the same price as Jobs’ Mob’s efforts. Then they have been wondering why they have tanked.