Intel takes aim at sub 10W Atom

Fed up to its cores with Arm whipping it like an asthmatic mule in the telecoms market, Intel has decided that next year will see its first CPU for servers based on its Atom core and consuming less than 10W.

This comes just after Calxeda said it plans a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 server SoC that will consume just 5W including associated DRAM.

Chipzilla is slowly reducing the power requirements of some of its chips. It said it also plans to ship a 15W server processor later this year based on SandyBridge architecture. Later, two Xeon server processors which only need 45W and 20W will be in the shops

According to Electronic Times, Intel plans to hit the market with what it will call microservers.

These are multiple single-socket CPU boards that share a chassis. Dell, Tyan, Supermicro and Quanta have signed up for them and the segment will make up less than 10 percent of the overall server market for the next 4-5 years.

It is hoped that this will see off Arm-based processor vendors which are snuffling around trying to get into the market. This would include Marvell’s Armada XP which is a 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex chip consuming up to 10W.

Fortunately for Intel it has a bit of time. While ARM released an A15 core with enhanced memory support for servers and networking gear, it has not even thought about a 64-bit core yet.