Intel system gets a kicking from little Via

It’s no secret that Intel’s strong suit is not great graphics, but it was certainly entertaining to see an upcoming Via system with a Chromation HD 2.0 GPU kicking the chip giant’s behind in terms of HD video playback recently.

Filmed in Via’s secret labs, Netbook News got footage of a system consisting of a Nano U3100 (1.2 Ghz) processor, new VX900 chipset, Chromation HD 2.0 graphics, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 1366 x 768 resolution, whipping Intel’s Atom N450/ NMIO/ Broadcom Crystal HD system hard.

Whereas the Intel system struggled and spluttered at around 20 frame rates a second on a 720p YouTube clip, Via’s system shone with around 23-25 FPS on a 1080p version of the same video, with just 40 per cent CPU guzzlage.

Running a native 1080p video file on Intel’s system was shockingly jerky, whereas Via’s managed to cope admirably, with very smooth playback and very reasonable CPU loads.

You can watch the video here.

Via says the first nettops and netbooks with its new chipset, paired up with Chromation HD 2.0 will be available by Computex in Taiwan in early June.