Intel surprises community by offering Ultrabook designer bags

MichalskyChip giant Intel announced its Xeon E5 series at CeBIT and pronounced 25 design wins for its Ultrabook platform.

But the big reveal came at the end of the corporate pitch when Intel chose Michael Michalsky to unveil four designer bags for Ultrabooks with estimated prices of $700. The bags are being sold on both Michalsky and Intel’s sites.

Senior Intel executives dissociated themselves from the launch of the designer bags and the reasons why they were revealed remain obscure at press time.

One senior journalist who declined to be named, said he was expecting gorgeous looking women on a catwalk and was shocked to discover that Intel was peddling bags.

Michalsky said that he believed a fab high tech slim looking device like the wonderful Ulltrabook deserved a high quality place to park it. “Both the bags and the Ultrabooks are made from the best of components. The bags are hand crafted.” The top notch bags are, for lasses, Rusty Pink and, for lads, Intel Blue.

No one from Intel was available to comment on whether any element of the $300 million Ultrabook fund was diverted into slaughtering cows to be then handcrafted.