Intel sues engineering firm

We had thought that Intel had got out of the habit of taking legal action against anyone who used the letters i+n+t+e+l as part of a name.

That ain’t necessarily so. Intel has filed a trademark action against a company called Intelspec because the engineering and consultation company uses the letters i+n+t+e+l in front of the spec suffix.

As usual, Intel’s writ lists all the things that it uses its trademark for, including jigsaw puzzles, golf balls, golf tees, ball point pens, ink pens, and mugs and water bottles sold empty. As well as toys, Christmas tree ornaments and dolls.

Intel is also associated with sports bags, gym bags and towels through trademark 1,725,692.

Oh, Intel also makes and sells microprocessors.
Although Intelspec is an engineering consultation firm, with customers including the US military, Intel believes that people will get confused and think Intelspec has something to do with them.

Its writ said it has made numerous attempts to resolve the matter amicably with Intelspec, but to no avail.