Intel sued over remote control

Chip behemoth Intel has found itself the subject of a lawsuit alleging it breached patents owned by a company called Softvault Systems Inc.

Intel, together with Good Technology Inc, Notify Technology Corporation and Softex Inc were issued with a writ in the Eastern District of Texas Marshall Division.

They’re all alleged to have breached US patent numbers 6,249,868 and 6,594,765. The first is called Method and System for Embedded, Automated, Component Level Control of Computer Systems and Other Complex Systems, while the second has the same name as the first.

According to Softvault, the patents refer to a method of protecting computer systems, components and software. “Specifically, certain claims of the 868 and 765 patents relate to enabling or disabling a system component involving an authorisation process with a remote server,” the writ alleges.

Intel is alleged to include this feature in its Anti Theft Technology (AT-p). Good infringes, it’s alleged, with its Wireless Handheld Computing system. Notify has products called NotifyLink which allegedly breach its patents. Softex has a sytem called TheftGuard  that breaches the patents, claims the suit.

Softvault wants a jury trial and damages.